Maggie Jones’s, a very royal restaurant

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Ahead of the launch of the 3rd season of The Crown on Netflix (are you a fan? please say yes!), I was invited to dine at the rustic Maggie Jones’s. Why, you ask? Well, because this place has a lot of royal history. Keep reeding to know all about this picturesque restaurant!

A bit of History

When it first opened in 1964, this lovely restaurant in Kensington was actually known as Nan’s Kitchen. Since it’s located nearby Kensington Palace, it’s easy to understand why it became a favourite of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s. They would come in around 9.30pm and always sat in a discreet booth at the back on the ground floor, which today holds two portraits of the royal couple, and there they would eat their favourite dish, the Chicken Pie – I tried it and it is absolutely delicious, I understand why it was their favourite!

Princess Margaret, who would book her favourite booth at her local under the alias ‘Maggie Jones’, rapidly became a dear client and in her honour, the restaurant changed its name to Maggie Jones’s in the early 70’s. Over the years, the restaurant has welcomed most of the Royal family and if this is not the best seal of approval, I don’t know what it is!

Maggie Jones’s

This Kensington hidden gem has been a favourite amongst locals for more than 40 years, once you walk in you are immediately transported to the past as this friendly and traditional place hasn’t changed much since Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon used to dine there.

With its warm, romantic and informal atmosphere with candle lit corners and booths, Maggie Jones’s is the perfect place to try beautifully cooked classic dishes.

A Royal Meal

We were a group of 7, and around the table we covered part of the generous menu. Between us, we selected a few starters and side dishes to share, as well as Princess Margaret’s beloved Chicken Pie, and a main each – and obviously, everything was divine!

As we all knew how good the puddings at Maggie Jones’s are, we saved some space for these delicious and classic treats.

The best way to end a fabulous lunch!

If you ever find yourself around Kensington and have no idea where to go for lunch or dinner, make sure to stop by Maggie Jones’s!

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